Itachi vs kisame who would win books

The books go into detail explaining the life of itachi. Kisame smirked and circled itachis entrance with one finger. Kisame should win due to samehada, water dome, and greater chakra reserves, but kakuzu could put up a fight. Itachi uchiha is one of the most mysterious characters in naruto. Itachis there for op genjutsu support and susanoo defense if he needs to. He was wet, he could feel his juices running down his thighs. When kisame and itachi take a trip to konoha in search of naruto, they are met by kakashi, asuma, and kurenai. Pain has knowledge of samehada that means he knows how it works, which in turn means his first logical move would be to use bt on samehada and rip it from kisame hands at the start of the match and from there its rape stomp. Itachi is the older brother of sasuke uchiha and is responsible for killing all the members of their clan, sparing only sasuke.

I think itachi and kisame take this with high difficulty,itachis susanoo blade seals everything it pierces plus it was so fast that nagato who is massively hypersonic could not avoid it. After reading the first and second book, i fell in love with itachis character. One of the youngest uchiha ever to awaken the sharingan, itachi made. If it was itachi who battled hebi sasuke vs kisame, kisame would probably win 610 because even tho itachi was holding up big time vs sasuke, he has one of the lowest stamina ever, and kisame was.

Even though he can no longer fight, naruto refuses to give up, and berates neji over how he. This was a huge waste of the eye, considering that he could have used it on any of the major villains in the story like pain or obito and prevented them from completing their evil plans. Grinding between the heated thighs, kisame tore off the thin robes itachi wore. Being one of the akatsuki members, kisame was held in high regard even among all the s ranked criminals in their ranks. As in that thread, there will be several match ups among the individual members match one. Itachis speed even impressed kakashi whos a sharingan user, so in terms of speed itachi guy without gates. Itachi uchiha from the naruto shippuden anime series and movies image uploaded by sai. Itachi is one of the best ninjas the leaf has ever produced. So i mean i think kukazu would win in a fight against deidara. Lets start to analyse,with itachi, the uchiha killer and konoha her, from young age he was gifted with an outstanding intelligence and ability to analyse his target. Please do itachi, or forever hold your peace itachi uchiha, naruto e boruto. Id say kisame and itachi take out at 5 pains and itachi ms drains his chakra. Maybe he would need 8, because he was pretty even with kisame and in my oppinion itachi kisame, then again, we dont know how much gai really struggled in that fight. We go over numerous stages of madara, including as a.

Itachi, deidara, and kakuzu vs sasori, hidan, and kisame itachi sharingan user, can use mangekyuo sharingan deidara clay artist, can make snakes come out of the palms of his hand. My heart was beating fast and i hoped nothing would go wrong. Arenaone an area 50 miles in diameter, roughly circular. Hoshigaki kisameuchiha itachi works archive of our own.

Assuming even if the eight gates killed gaido you think he could defeat itachi. Always seen as a genius ninja and a prodigy, he kept to himself in his adolescence. Itachi uchiha vs madara uchiha in a full fight prediction who would win. If you read the manga you will know what kisame is capable of when he fights killer bee, and we all know how strong gaara is. He was the third strongest shinobi in the akatsuki organization right under nagato and tobi.

Itachi, deidara, and kakuzu vs sasori, hidan, and kisame. He often talked about philosophical subjects with his. Itachi implanted shisuis eye into a crow and placed it within naruto so that he could change sasukes personality if he turned evil. Ultimate ninja storm 2 in the most comprehensive achievement guide on the internet. Find images and videos about naruto, itachi and uchiha on we heart it the app to get lost in what you love.

Kisame would never fight itachi to the death, too much respect for him. In the exact center is a lake 1 mile wide, again roughly circular. It took less than a minute for the little hole to be twitching in anticipation under kisames. The wait for naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm revolution feels so long one so i decided to. He dragged his fingernail against that puckered skin, and felt itachi move his arms from kisames neck to his shoulders. But if it happened to be a fight to the death, i might have to go with kisame. Itachi, she cant live here with us pain says to itachi as he turn his attention to him. Uchiha itachi is a fictional character in the naruto manga and anime series created by masashi kishimoto.

Narutos clan killer itachi might be a pretty powerful person, but there are. Kisame pressed, then backed off, then circled again. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Guest post by whatisfreethen, intp naruto dominant ni. However, kakashi soon realizes that he stands no chance. Sharingan kakashi takes on itachi, with both of them using the sharingan. If it was itachi who battled hebi sasuke vs kisame, kisame would probably win 610 because even tho itachi was holding up big time vs sasuke, he has one of the lowest stamina ever, and kisame was said to have one of the largest stamina in naruto. Pretty soon, their peers also started assuming that they were a couple. Find images and videos about anime, naruto and itachi on we heart it the app to get lost in what you love.

My art is the real art sasroi says and they go on and o. He grabbed itachis thighs and hiked them up to rest that ass upon his throbbing cock. See how they dressed the kids up, they themselves even dressed as kakashi. Is the mangekyou sharingan too much, or are the legendary sannin just as strong as itachi said they were. Guys most powerful attack with his 7th gate opened is the daytime tiger, which didnt even kill kisame. I use to hate itachi when i first started watching naruto. Itachi uchiha uchiha itachi was one of the supporting characters in the naruto. Hey itachi, i gotta buy stuff at the department store. Itachi had a singular vision, an objective to achieve. Kisame wishes to attack kakashi headon but itachi stops him saying that they are too evenly matched. His abilities include all the regular sharingan abilities, such as being able to copy various techniques he sees, predict another persons movements, and trapping people in illusions.

If youre a pairing fan, aside from itachi x izumi, these books wont help you much. Rational minds debating the actual feats and how its hard to say who will win. Itachi uchiha vs shisui uchiha vs battles wiki fandom. There are also other ways for itachi to win as well. He was portrayed as a major antagonist for the biggest part of the story with his agenda revealed after his death, redeeming. The second season from the anime series naruto is directed by hayato date, and produced by.

Naturally i would say itachi because he kicks duh but because he was going blind before he died, it depends on when they would fight, but through out the series you can kinda tell that kisame is afraid or highly respectful of itachi strength, he follows what itachi says this could be because kisame knows itachi is strong and could kick his or i could be because itachi is bad. Fight between itachi vs kisame in japanese with english subs first and then english dub at 3. Itd just end in pure stalemate, itachis not a fighter and kisame respects him. Naruto is a manga and anime known for intense battles, and these are the best fights where the villain triumphed in the end. Sasukes family was murdered in front of him by itachi. Jinbe the most obvious match up, its the battle of the shark bois. Guy has no way to take on both of these monsters at the same time unless he goes 8th gate, which he wont. Find out the best tips and tricks for unlocking all the achievements for naruto shippuden. Yes, he was an uchiha, and uchiha are known for their sharingan genjutsu. The stronger the opponents chakra, the stronger he gets. Espada thread, here we have the other major group from the big three.

Lets start to analyse,with itachi, the uchiha killer and konoha her, from young age he was gifted with an outstanding intelligence and ability to analyse his target to come out with his weaknesses, he has the abity to defeate even stronger enem. Kisame will be at full power unlike when he fought guy and hell be ready to make his water dome, which guy will be largely fucked in. This led to the creation of sasuke, who would go on to win several of the official. See all books authored by itachi, including haganai. If you want books where there are clear sides of good and evil, these arent for you.

Regarding the fight, itachi should win both rounds. After buying one of the books you will receive letters from a random character. This is just pure curiosity and i just wanted to know who the community thinks would have won in a fight with these two rogue ninjas, i personally think kisame would win but maybe some will disagree. Meanwhile, itachi uchiha and kisame hoshigaki enter konoha, and are. With samehada, taijutsu is kinda the only way to beat him. Manage does not mean win and he said he might could not that he knew he could. Itachi uchiha as of the fight v sasuke, though cured of illness and his eyes brought back to full acuity. Physically, the strongest character and fastest without using chakra and ninjutsu. For round 2, itachi wont really need the yata mirror shield as long as he is in edo tensei, and with infinite chakra, he can spam his most. Being one of the akatsuki members, kisame was held in high regard even among all the sranked criminals in their ranks. Book of bright light revealed that the fourth hokage was the highest. So it is still considered a win, even though, the outcome is still in doubt.

If you dont like traditional ninja fights with swords, kunai, etc and instead want rasengan. Personally itachi has always been one of my favourite characters from the naruto series. Kakashi gets to fight kakuzu, pain, sasuke, the seven ninja. Pit these 2 together, and give some reasons for your answer. This book is great and brings a lot of his story from the anime series into a book,the book is great and id personally say that the follow up book midnight is more newer and brings a lot more story about him as daylight this book talks more about what we already know,if you watched the anime series. Movie heroes comic book heroes cartoon heroes video game heroes anime heroes. So in the itachi novel, it was mentioned that there was a certain kunoichi named izumi uchiha, who defended itachi from bullies at the academy, gained his acceptance and ultimately fell in love with him. In this video, me, swagkage, and clyde go over the abilities and lore of both itachi and madara uchiha and determine who would win in a fight. Stark ceros arent something special,itachis susanoo can easilly tank them,the problem is ulquiorras firepower. While kisame would sometimes protect, he considered itachi a good friend and followed his instructions. It would be a good fight but kukazu would be able to pull out a win if he managed to ground deidara by. Itachi saying only sasuke could break it was bs, he used a watered down version on sasuke that didnt even have time control or inverted world, a full power tsukuyomi lasts literally a second in real world, and up to 72hrs inside of it and does so much damage to the brain that the person gets bed ridden and in a coma and only tsunade could fix.

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